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Best Ab Exercises For Boxers

Ab Rollouts / Crunches Superset – A boxer’s core strength is one of the most important aspects for a boxer’s conditioning. A strong core builds power and strength with each offensive and defensive movement, as well as builds a protective layer for potential punches that land. Supersetting Ab Rollouts with traditional Crunches engages the core and builds strength quickly and effectively.

 Push Ups / Plank Superset – Sometimes the most simple workouts truly are the most effective. Supersetting two of the most basic yet results driven core exercises together, Push Ups and Planks, is a great way to target and tone those abs and arms. Both Push Ups and Planks engage your shoulders, back and core muscles and help build a boxer’s upper body strength.

 Floyd Mayweather Sit Ups – One of Floyd’s signature ab workouts is one that you can frequently find being used during a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class. The Mayweather Sit Up consists of a full range sit up, followed by completely standing up onto both feet and incorporating a jab cross. This move is effective and a Floyd favorite for several different reasons. For one, the full range of motion from lying on your back to standing on your feet targets your complete core, rather than a partial section of your abdomen. The jab cross at the top of the movement is important because it builds muscle memory for your fundamental punches, and as with anything, practice makes perfect.

 Side Plank – Offensive and defensive boxing movements require lots of flexion and rotation of the torso. Therefore, it is particularly important for boxers to focus on the lats during their daily core routine. A simple yet effective core exercise that targets the lats and full abdominals is the Side Plank. Side Planks isolate each side of your body and force you to target and strengthen both lateral sides of your core. The Side Plank is also easily modified in order to create an extra challenge and focus on the lats, by doing things like reaching your upper arm under your torso in a weave-like motion.

 Alternating Leg with Ball Pass – The lower abdominals are important for boxers as it allows them to build explosiveness when they are moving from off of a defensive to an offensive movement, or vice versa. Any core movement that requires your legs to be elevated off the ground will engage your lower abs. Alternating raising your legs in a scissor-like movement while passing a medicine ball in between your legs engages your lower abs and strengthens your shoulder muscles, while challenging your balance all at the same time. Medicine balls are a staple piece of training equipment for boxers and this movement is a favorite amongst boxers in the gym.