Hitting Your New Skillmill PR - Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

Hitting Your New Skillmill PR

The skillmill is one of the most effective and unique pieces of equipment in the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studios. Even some of the most experienced gym goers have never seen a skillmill before coming to Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. However, it quickly becomes a crowd favorite with many of our members. The wide range of capabilities, from zero resistance sprinting to high-resistance pushing, the skillmill effectively increases your speed, stamina and endurance. While there are many different exercises that can be performed on the skillmill, the classic sprint is still one of the most featured movements during a HIIT, Power or Championship class. Finding your personal record for your top skillmill speed is important, as you can then track your speed and overall fitness progress overtime by seeing an improvement in that number.

 Simply working out consistently and increasing your fitness level will absolutely result in an increase in you skillmill top speed. However, there are a few tips on how to maximize your energy and really crush that PR of yours in no time. To begin, an important way runners often see improvement is simply increasing their mileage each week. By increasing your running endurance and stamina, when you switch to short, fast-paced sprints, your body will be able to push itself more. While each round during a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class is either 3 or 4 minutes long, you can strategically use time in between the rounds and before or after class to help you squeeze in that extra mileage. While taking proper recovery time in between rounds is very important, you may want to consider foregoing that time only before and after the skillmill station. That way, you can increase your mileage a little before and after that round and allow your body get used to more work. Since you should be arriving with enough time before class to wrap your hands and stretch, working in a nice jog on the skillmill is another good way to both warm up your body and increase your weekly mileage. Similarly, spending an extra 5 minutes on the skillmill after class will help you loosen up your muscles, gradually lower your heart rate and get an extra squeeze of running distance in. Even if all of these are short distances separately, they will add up to help you increase your weekly mileage and help you surpass your top skillmill speed.

 Intervals on the skillmill are critical in order to increase your speed, which is exactly how the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class is programmed. Some classes you may be sprinting for 15 seconds and then performing another exercise, while others you may be running for distance for the entirety of the round. Either way, there are opportunities to work in bursts of energy and speed and work past your PR. For alternating exercises, make sure to not waste time slowly working your way back to your sprint. As soon as you complete the second exercise on the skillmill, focus on your explosiveness in order to immediately reach your top speed and then hold that speed for a full 15 or 30 seconds. For classes which may be constant running for the skillmill station, you can improve your speed and work towards your goal more effectively by still adding in short bursts of sprinting. Perhaps every minute, if even for 10 seconds, focus on opening your stride and really pushing your speed. As you come back to your steady running pace, focus on pumping your arms and controlling your breath in order to prepare yourself for the next burst. Focusing on raising your speed several times throughout the 3 or 4 minutes will be an important and effective way to see results in your skillmill PR.

 Finally, it is important to not overlook stretching! If you are pushing yourself on the skillmill, you will eventually hit a plateau if you are not properly stretching and loosening your muscles before and after high impact exercise. Stretch out your calves, hamstrings and glutes and utilize the foam roller in the studio in order to ensure your legs are ready to carry you to that new PR!