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Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Equipment

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness’ workout is unparalleled and revolutionary to the world of boutique fitness. One of the factors that makes Mayweather Boxing + Fitness so state-of-the-art is the equipment which fills the gym. Each piece is carefully chosen to maximize space, provide the most challenge and deliver the best results to our members. There is virtually no other gym you can go to that will have the same pieces of equipment in the one single studio. The quality of the equipment is the top of its kind and will truly make our members uncover their Inner Champ.

 While most everyone has walked or run on a treadmill before, not many people have experienced a skillmill. The Technogym skillmill allows members to improve their power, speed, stamina and agility in a single exercise. Within one three or four minute round, members will effectively build their base for each of those core fitness foundations and will usher in results much quicker than a traditional treadmill. When on a skillmill, you do not have to press any buttons or use any power in order to move. Everything is based on your position and stance. Depending on where you position yourself on the skillmill, you can adjust the speed and level of difficulty on the skillmill. The concave shape of the skillmill, as compared to a flat treadmill, allows members to manipulate the speed and challenges users because you can fluctuate speed without any transition time. The ability to do sudden sprints and all-out runs is something that the treadmill does not allow. There is a resistance dial on the skillmill, and when all the way triggered, users can experience a sled-push exercise that many professional athletes use as part of their training.

 The skillrow is another piece of equipment that helps improve anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities. The skillrow is a complete, full-body workout as you activate your quads, hamstrings, glutes, backs, shoulders and forearms. Depending on the resistance set, members can perform a power row or a cardio row. A power row involves heavier resistance and creates more opportunity to build strength and muscle. The cardio row is a lighter resistance that allows users to quickly raise their heart rates and activate their whole body in a quick motion. The way the Technogym skillmill is built, it mimics the feel of actually rowing on the water and has a natural flow to the entire cycle.

 Another diverse and effective piece of equipment that a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studio boasts is the airdyne. An airdyne is similar to a bike but the handles move as well as the pedals. Since the airdyne’s only form of resistance is air, the faster you go the more resistance you actually build, thus making it an amazing resistance training tool. You can easily isolate your upper or lower body on an airdyne, making it a diverse piece of equipment no matter what the muscle focus of the workout is. The progressive resistance and the full body movement of the airdyne makes it a calorie-torching piece of equipment. Whether done in short intense intervals or longer steady states, the airdyne will deliver a highly effective workout.

 If you haven’t experienced any of these pieces of equipment, that’s just another reason why you need to stop by a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class. The quality of the equipment in each studio is truly state-of-the-art and, along with dedicated coaches, they will help each member reach their health and fitness goals.