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Meditation: Exercise For Your Mind

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness will deliver a high-intensity, total-body workout for your body. While staying physically in shape plays a big role in someone’s well-being, prioritizing the health of your mind is also extremely important for people to live well-rounded and happy lives. Setting aside time in your day to calm your mind and go through meditation exercises is just as important as committing to a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class. Meditating can seem intimidating and difficult to start for those who are not familiar with the practice. The below steps are some tips and first steps to mastering the practice of meditation and achieving a more overall, well-rounded wellness in your life.

When first starting out with meditation, it makes it more manageable if you begin with short increments. Setting aside about 2-5 minutes a day gives you the opportunity to explore and become comfortable with meditation, without becoming overwhelmed. While this may not seem like a long amount of time at all, completely unengaging from technology and everything around you and simply remaining present in the moment is quite difficult to do. As you become more comfortable with meditation, you can extend the amount of time that you set aside for it and reap the benefits from the important practice even more.

 It is important to find yourself a comfortable seated or lying position when meditating, in an environment that is quiet and without distractions. Begin by breathing naturally without forcing any particular pattern of breathe. Notice the rhythm of which your natural breathe falls under and how your chest, shoulders and core moves with each breathe. Paying attention to your body’s basic functions, like breathing, can allow you to connect more within yourself and detach from external distractions.

 Meditation can become stressful if you think there’s something you have to achieve from a session. Instead, simply focus on being clear-minded and present in the moment. That alone will allow you to de-stress and re-center your focus, which has extremely positive benefits to your mental and physical well-being. By practicing meditation, you will teach your physical body and your mind to relax in stressful situations, allowing you to perform at a higher and safer level than before. When completing a physical activity, such as boxing, it is also easy to let your mind wander or give up before you’re actually complete with the workout. Meditation allows you to have greater control on your mind and focus, allowing you to stay in the zone longer and achieve greater results.

 Studies have shown that meditation can also improve the length and quality of sleep in many practicers. As an athlete, sleep is pivotal for muscle recovery and repair, as well as maintaining mental clarity, focus and a positive mood. Setting aside only a few minutes a day can result in a better sleep for a whole night, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed, unstressed and ready to push your body in that day’s workout. While many people focus on building their physical strength, many neglect their mental strength. Meditation is the equivalent to weight training, cardio, stretching, cryotherapy, and all of the other measures people take to get their bodies into peak performance.