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The Skills of the Speed Bag

When you walk into a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studio, you will inevitably become very familiar with some pieces of equipment, such as the Heavy Bags, Skillmills, Rowers and Airdynes. However, one of the most important pieces of equipment to sharpen your boxer reflexes and achieve a more overall complete workout is the Speed Bag. Its small size and more conspicuous location is not to be overlooked – the Speed Bag is essential for any boxer who is looking to strengthen their hand-eye coordination, build arm speed and learn defensive skills.

 One reason boxers rely so heavily on the Speed Bag is it helps get down the timing and rhythm needed to be a successful boxer. Boxers need to be able to anticipate their opponents’ movements and have a solid understanding of the timing of each punch they throw. The Speed Bag demands a constant attention to the repetition of timing used in a real boxing ring. A huge part of conquering proper timing is building the necessary hand-eye coordination to do so. There is no piece of equipment that builds hand-eye coordination better for a boxer than the Speed Bag. The range of motion is quite limited when using a Speed Bag, requiring your brain and hands to work together in a quick and flawless fashion. The more repetitions done on a Speed Bag, the more practice your brain will have of telling your hands what they need to do and the quicker you will be able to accurately respond to an obstacle, such as an opponent in the ring.

 From the name of the equipment itself, it is quite obvious that the Speed Bag is an essential tool in order to build speed in your boxing style. A successful boxer must remain elusive to their opponent and be able to respond to any sort of movement in a split second. The Speed Bag continuously gains momentum and requires you to react with quick reflexes over and over again, preparing you for real scenarios in the boxing and fitness world. Building the confidence in yourself that you have the reflexes necessary to react to an opponent also allows you to eventually focus more on technique and advanced skills.

 One of the most basic keys to boxing is keeping your hands up and protecting your face at all times. The Speed Bag returns so quickly that it forces you to immediately bring your hands back to your face after completing a punch, or you will miss the bag. The repetitive motion of hitting the Speed Bag and immediately returning it your hand back to your face helps build the muscle memory necessary to protect your face in a fight. There is no other equipment that is less forgiving with keeping your hands in front of your face than the Speed Bag.

 Oftentimes boxers are caught off-guard during a fight due to a momentary loss in focus. Even for more fitness-centric boxers, concentration can be lost during a boxing class and prevent them from getting the most effective workout possible. Just like any other skill, focus and concentration are things that can be learned and perfected through repetition and practice. The Speed Bag demands constant focus and trains your mind to block outside distractions out and focus on the task at hand. By working with the Speed Bag, you can become more skilled at maintaining focus and zeroing in on your ultimate goal. This is an important skill not only for your boxing and fitness goals, but also to carry with you in every aspect of life.